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Our Story is unique, In 2009, Linda Morgan set out to make her mark in the Jazz & Blues community with education around Legacy Preservation of Jazz Musicians.  She set the stage with a community event in Hollywood with Buddy Collette, Clora Bryant and Michael White as her guests, Marcus Johnson, a Jazz Pianist,  performed and it was a Pre-Grammy Show. Roscoe Lee Owens attended the event and saw the amazing work that she was about to embark upon and he joined her and they started the work.

In 2010 we honored 11 Legends

In 2011 we honored 13 Legends

In 2012 we honored 23 Legends

In 2013 we honored 4 Legends

In 2014 we honored 14 Legends

In 2015 we honored 30 Legends

In 2016 we honored 14 Legends

In 2017 we honored 19 Legends

In 2018 we honored 6 Legends

In 2019 we honored ??.

In 2020 due to the Pandemic, we dissolved Living Legend Foundation and joined the newly formed Leimert Park Jazz & Blues Society with Barbara Morrison!

In 2020 we honored 6 Legends.

We are grateful for all the work that the Living Legend Foundation has done up until now. It is great when collaborations can happen and great community work continues.  Under the Leimert Park Jazz & Blues Society, in 2021, we honored 7 Legends in conjunction with JazzZone Jazzabration’s Jazz In The Sky, which takes place quarterly at the City Club LA.

So far in 2022, we have honored 1 Legend and we look forward to honoring many more with the formation of JazzZone Jazzabration, Inc. a 501(c)(3). Stay tuned for our membership portal and ways to get involved to support this great work.

Linda “Morgan” Sam and Roscoe Lee Owens

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